Initial Assessments

Cost ghs 600

This is a 1 hour physical session that uses play and observation and parent report to determine the communication baseline of a child and determine a course of action for management and intervention. It includes a 1 page summary of the findings and recommendations

Language Facilitation Strategies (Virtual)

Cost ghs 450

This is a 45 minutes virtual session. It is tailored to the routine and family schedule and specific ways to incorporate activities to facilitate language for a child who is not yet 2 years and needs a language boost. It also includes one 25 minute virtual follow up after 6 weeks for progress update and feedback.

Nanny Training

Cost ghs 510

This is made up of a 1 hour practical and hands on session with your nanny/caregiver about child development, the negative impact of screentime and the importance of engaging and playing with children. It also includes a 30 minute virtual follow up session and feedback.

School Trainings

These trainings are for schools who are ready to embrace inclusion and equity in the classrooms. It involves supporting all staff of school on communication, differences in learning, classroom and communication accessibility across the school and how teachers can identify red flags. Depending on the needs and budget of the school, training can be between 1-3 days and can be a hybrid of virtual and physical sessions. Cost dependent on number of staff, needs of school, physical or virtual forms, etc.

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